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Will Betsy Devos Become More of a Fighter?

The first thing you notice about Besty Devos when talking to her is how reserved and polite she is. At least that’s how she has seemed so far during her tenure as the Secretary of the Department of Education. The secretary’s public position on most matters has fallen in line with President Trump, making her an ideal fit for the position so far as president and his supporters are concerned.


This was recently tested during Trump’s latest announcement that he will be rescinding an Obama-era policy that gave transgender and gender fluid students the right to use the bathroom they identify with. This policy was met with strong opposition from conservatives, so they will be happy to see it taken away.


While Devos has stated publicly that she agrees with the move, those close to her say her private position has been different. Publicly, she has said the policy is an overreach of federal power by the Obama cabinet. Privately, she has opposed the move within meetings and spoke her mind about the issue, although there is no official record of this.


It is interesting to note that the Secretary met with LBGT representatives of employees of the DOE to inform them and warn them of the upcoming move by Trump. This is certainly out of character given her reputation so far within the cabinet as a “Yes Woman”. Does this indicate that she will become more aggressive in her beliefs as time goes on?


She had only been the Secretary of Education for a few months when this action took place. Some are predicting that she will become more headstrong within the organization as time goes on. Those who have known her a long time note that she has a reputation for being aggressive and fighting for what she believes in and she will do so as she becomes more comfortable in her new position.


Those who fought against her in the fight for charter schools in her home state of Michigan know just how fearless she can be when she has her eye set on a goal. She worked tirelessly for both charter schools and school vouchers in Western Michigan. This is a strong conservative policy, so it should be something that she works for during her tenure as secretary. Backing up her beliefs and strong personality was her family’s extreme wealth, a great tool that she has used to sway policy in her home state.


Besty Devos was born Betsy Prince in Holland Michigan, a small town near the coast of Lake Michigan near Grand Rapids. Her family is of Dutch descent and are members of the relatively strict Christian Reform Church. Those familiar with the area have probably heard of the Prince Corporation, one of the biggest automobile parts distributors in the United States.


Only adding to her wealth and power in the Grand Rapids area was her marriage to Dick Devos. The Devos family is also one of the most wealthy and powerful families in the state of Michigan, gaining most of their wealth through Amway. Dick is most commonly recognized for his unsuccessful run for governor in the state in 2006.


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