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What’s Next for Mike Baur?

Mike Baur has one of the most impressive careers in the world. He started out as a simple banking apprentice and built the most powerful independent incubator firm in Switzerland. His life began like most inspirational leaders’ lives begin: in a small community. He later went on to earn two business degrees from two universities.

According to some sources, his banking career began before he graduated from college. The Wall Street Journal says that he started working at age 16. Whatever the case, his career began in 1991 as a finance expert at a Union Bank of Switzerland.

The time he spent at UBS taught him a lot about banking. He worked at that for more than 15 years, all throughout the 90s. By the time he was 30, he’d been promoted to a top advisory position. He advised some of the richest investors and wealthiest individuals in the country.

Despite all his success, he didn’t want to work for UBS anymore. In 2008, he left UBS and joined Clariden Leu. He hoped the problem was with UBS but that proved to be a wrong assumption. He hadn’t lost interest in working for UBS; he’d lost interest in banking completely.

Luckily, his passion for banking turned into a passion for entrepreneurship. The same year he left Clariden Leu, he co-founded Swiss Startup Factory. He partnered with Max Meister, someone who already owned his own business. Their incubator program targets young tech entrepreneurs and helps them get their enterprises off the ground.

SSUF offers numerous services, primarily one-on-one mentoring and business skills training. They also have a three-month Accelerator Program that helps everyone who can afford to participate. For those enterprises that show promise, SSUF offers rent-free office space and financial support. They also provide services that obtain additional funding from outside investors.

Since founding Swiss Startup Factory, Mike Baur’s never been happier. He finally found something that allows him to embrace all of his passions at the same time. SSUF’s even rekindled his passion for banking and finance. The same year he co-founded SSUF, he founded Think Reloaded, a financial advisory firm.

One thing he’s learned over the years is how important incubator programs are to society. It’s not just about helping the next generation of business owners succeed; it’s growing the economy as well.


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