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Shiraz Boghani Takes Hospitality To New Heights

Taking car of others is something we all experience in unique ways. Some of us cared for our younger siblings as free babysitters when we were children while some of is care for an elderly parent as they age. The fact of the matter is that caring for others is a part of our everyday lives and is the seam that holds together communities all around the globe.

But what about all of the people who turn their second nature of caring for others into a full-time career? Thousands of employees in healthcare and in hotels and a variety of other professions dedicate the majority of their working lives to caring for others and making sure that all of their needs are met. This is exactly the career path taken by none other than Shiraz Boghani.

Boghani is nothing short of an industry giant in the hospitality sector and his ability to always adapt to changing market demands has led him to be very successful. Boghani is the current Chairman of Splendid Hospitality Group which owns and operates 19 different high-end hotels all across the United Kingdom and employs almost one thousand people. Thousand of people stay in one of their more than two thousand bedrooms each year all of which are designed to maximize the happiness of the customer.

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One of Shiraz Boghani’s other most notable accomplishments is the co-founding of Sussex Healthcare. Sussex Healthcare is a group of homes and facilities that help care for those who may not be able to care for themselves.

Their specialties include but are not limited to specialized care for people with dementia, neurological care, profound or multiple learning disabilities (PMLD) care and general care for the elderly who are no longer able to love on their own.

He has also received many awards throughout his storied career most recently being named the 2016 Hotelier of the Year from the Asian Business Awards which recognizes greatness in hospitality. He was sure to attribute his many successes and awards to his wonderful staff and the people around him when asked what this award meant to him after he had already accomplished so much in his more than 30 years in the hospitality industry.

Boghani frequently travels all around the globe for work but resides full time in London, England. With people like Shiraz Boghani in a position of power in the hospitality business, we can all rest assured that our experiences will be nothing short of spectacular.

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