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Obsidian Energy

Obsidian Energy is a company based in Canada that is focused on becoming a health-conscious provider of oil and gas in an ever-changing industry. They are an environmentally friendly company that strives to elevate the needs of their community higher than most. They are committed to abiding by environmental regulations in an industry that is not always easy to navigate. One of the many ways they accomplish this is by hosting awareness and safety training to their employees. They also state on their website that they “maintain comprehensive emergency response plans (ERPs) for all of its operations.”


This company didn’t always used to be called Obsidian Energy. They were formerly known as Penn West Petroleum, and went through an accounting scandal and a debt crisis before embarking on a journey to overhaul and rebuild their company.


They asked investors to approve a name change by telling them that their new vision of a business resembled nothing of the “old Penn West.” Investors approved the change in 2017 with an incredible 92% backing it. The company chose “obsidian” because of its ability to “be sharpened and honed.”


Obsidian Energy also down-sized much of their operations during their overhaul; however, they came back as a stronger than ever company with a resolve that is hard to beat.  Click Here to learn more.



Obsidian Energy is a Canadian company, and their production stems from three key areas. These areas are the Pembina Cardium, the Peace River oil sands, and the Alberta Viking.


As you can see, Obsidian has overcome many struggles to be the company they are today. Those struggles would have brought any other company to ashes, but Obsidian Energy decided to rise from the issues and become a more focused and driven company that is definitely able to provide great product for the community.


See: https://globalnews.ca/news/3481168/penn-west-proposes-name-change-to-obsidian-energy/

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