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How Securus Technologies Changed Prison Security

Security in our state prison has certainly changed since the days that I was first hired as a corrections officer. Back a few decades ago, the inmates and guards were all on a first name basis, we respected each other, and there were very few as far as violent episodes in the jail. Today, overcrowded conditions has made it impossible to work like we did years ago, so we have to work harder to maintain order before things get too out of hand.


Now add into this violent mix the ability for these inmates to get drugs and weapons, and it is very easy to see why every person inside the jail is in grave danger at any moment. This is why my prison was in contact with Securus Technologies, to try and get ahead of any potential issues so that the violence was at the least contained. The company developed a call monitoring software that replaced dated jail phone recording systems. Instead of my team of officers trapped in a room listening to calls, the LBS software scans those same calls but can isolate certain chatter and alert my team in the blink of an eye.


Securus Technologies is headquartered in Dallas, and the team of one thousand employees work hard to meet their objective of keeping this world safe. This same system is now operational in over two thousand jails and helping those officers to control any potential violent situations.


To date, the LBS software has alerted me and my team when inmates talk about fighting rival gangs. The system contacted us the day an inmate got his grandmother to come to the jail with a bottle of her Xanax pills. We even are alerted if inmates are complaining about having to sell drugs to kick money to the gangs running certain blocks.


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