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How Dr. David Samadi is Changing the Urology Department

Dr. David B. Samadi has come a very long way. Although he is currently one of the most influential doctors in the oncology department, the businessman has had to deal with massive challenges. The businessman was born and raised in the Middle-East. His parents wanted him to get education and become a great man in the society. On the other hand, Samadi wanted to serve the community in any possible way. After completing his high school education, Samadi ventured into the medical profession. First of all, he had to attend some of the leading medical schools in the United States.

David Samadi acquired his first degree in biochemistry from a college known as Stony Brook University. After these studies, the businessman enrolled for his MD at the Stony Brook School of Medicine. David Samadi went to other institutions to acquire postgraduate training in medicine. His educational background has assisted him in becoming a leading profession in the oncology department. Samadi also had an opportunity to go for his fellowship at some of the best hospitals in the world.

Currently, Samadi serves as a renowned doctor and medical expert at a facility that is known as Lenox Hill Hospital. The businessman acquired this position several years ago, and he has made a huge impact while serving as the chairman of Urology.The doctor has been the chief of robotic surgery at the facility. Samadi is famed for having a lot of expertise when it comes to the diagnosis and treatment of some of the dangerous urology diseases such as kidney cancer, prostate cancer, and bladder cancer. In his career, the successful businessman has been successful in performing thousands of surgeries for people with cancer. According to a recent interview, 90 percent of Samadi patients have been declared cancer-free.

David Samadi has not only changed the people in the United States. In his career life, the businessman has traveled to forty-five nations in the world so that he could cure cancer patients. Samadi has also been fortunate to practice in several renowned institutions in the United States such as the Presbyterian Hospital and Sinai School of Medicine. At the Lenox Hill Hospital, the famous doctor has made sure that his patients leave the facility happy and cancer free.

Whenever he is not working at the medical facility, David Samadi loves holding radio and television shows so that he could discuss some of the leading causes of cancer and other diseases in the community.

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