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Gregory Aziz: Growth and Giving

It’s Christmas time and there is a beautiful party in full swing in Hamilton, Ontario. Employees are laughing with their families and lugging in donations for the appropriately placed food drive. There is a cheer in the air as guest search out one another and commend themselves for another successful year. The company is celebrating a holiday based on togetherness as one. This is the annual Christmas party held by National Steel Car for its 3,000 employees and their families. While the event is just one of the many charitable endeavors that the company embarks on every single year, it is the one that fully embodies the culture of National Steel Car. Guest are socializing and speaking to each other, but they are still asked to give what they can to the less fortunate. On a grander scale, National Steel Car is dominating the freight car industry, but they still take time out to help the community projects around them.


So, who is behind such a benevolent company? CEO Gregory James Aziz has held the reins of the company since he purchased it from the Dofasco company in 1994. The company had been in a state of decline for some time and Dofasco wanted out. Greg Aziz gave them the perfect chance to do so. For Aziz, it was not a company on the decline, but a chance to create something truly great. He looked to the Hamilton community and started to recruit new employees. He trained them with a new focus on quality over quantity. This allowed him to increase National Steel Car’s domestic and international reputation. By 2000, National Steel Car employed over 3,000 individuals and could produce almost 12,000 rail cars annually. This was a huge win for the company and signified a period of growth. See This Article for more information.



National Steel Car is now considered to be a leading manufacturer and engineering company for railcars and other rolling stock. They maintain the TTX SEC award and the ISO 900I: 2008 certification. Both certifications speak to an unbelievable level of quality and they have been maintained for many years. While there are some faceless corporations out there, that don’t seem to find a use for this hands-on approach, Gregory Aziz has put his own touch on the industry. Gregory J Aziz had pumped warmth, compassion, and understanding into an industry that can sometimes be construed as cold or heartless. National Steel Car will only continue its phenomenal pattern of growth and giving.

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