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End Citizens United Fights To Fix American Democracy

The influence of corporations has grown over our nation’s politicians ever since the Supreme Court issued their ruling on the court case Citizens United versus the Federal election commission in 2010. In the opinion of the Supreme Court corporations are entitled to the same rights as individuals in the United States of America. As a result of this legislative decision corporations have since been able to donate unlimited amounts to political campaigns. This has caused a rise of a mega-donors which have a vast network of influence over our congressmen and women. This has not been met without opposition, however.

Just five years after the initial decision by the Supreme Court grassroots political organization into End Citizens United was formed. During the first election cycle that the grassroots political action committee took part in they managed to help 15 members of Congress be elected that were vocal advocates against corporate donations.

The president of the organization Tiffany Muller has had many years of experience in the American political system. She first cut her teeth serving as part of the Democratic Senatorial campaign committee and as the Chief of Staff for two members of the Senate. Under her guidance, the organization has evolved to encompass more than 3 million members across the country. Just recently Tiffany Muller has released a statement in staunch opposition of Congresswoman Claudia Tenney. This was done as result of several decisions made by the Congresswoman which clearly shows that corporations have taken presidents over the representation of her constituents in the state of New York.

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Claudia Tenney ran on a platform during her election in which she promised to help fight corruption in politics. However, since being elected, she has received greater than $100,000 from large things on Wall Street’s and has voted in favor of overturning legislative rules that were put in place to protect the American people after the 2008 financial crisis. Not only has she voted to support the interest of the finance industry but she has also voted against net neutrality a key issue in the eyes of the millennial voters in America.

Claudia Tenney is not just voting in favor of corporate mega-donors but is actively working to keep the system that is currently in place in American politics the same. While she campaigned on promises to reform a broken political process now, she has voted for a bill that would allow nonprofits to donate to political candidates without disclosure. As a result of the decisions that Claudia Tenney has made End Citizens United has targeted her as one of the most important members of Congress that needs to be eliminated in the 2018 midterm elections. End Citizens United hopes to inform the American populace on the decisions made by this Congresswoman in an effort to end the influence of big money in politics.

Search more about End Citizens United: https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/onpolitics/2017/12/05/democratic-pac-end-citizens-united-names-big-money-20-targets-2018/918680001/

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