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Doe Deere, Lime Crime & Its Make It Happen Mentality

If you’re interested in makeup products, then you’ve probably heard about Lime Crime cosmetics. This flamboyant company came onto the scene back in 2008, and it has made a huge impact on the cosmetics culture. Doe Deere, founder of the company, has found a niche that was once void. As of today, this niche has introduced some of the most dynamic colors in makeup products. The Russian-born beauty, and her team of talented professionals have literally changed the landscape of cosmetics for the better. Despite going through some trials and tribulations, Lime Crime is shining brighter than it has ever shined before. Being an entrepreneur is something that Deere has always dreamed about. She has a make-it-happen mentality. For advice, Deere has stated that ambitious people should listen to their inner voice while staying on top of current innovation.


Doe Deere’s company, Lime Crime, has a thing for vibrant colors. On top of that, the cosmetics have distinct names such as wicked, utopia, salem, black velvet, red velvet, shroom, zenon, pink velvet, cement, cashmere, scandal and others. Each one of these hues represents the colors of a rainbow, but there are many blended colors that posses a unique appearance. Deere is known as “The Unicorn Queen” thanks to the company’s best-selling Unicorn lipsticks. These lipsticks posses dynamic colors, are easy to apply and are longer lasting than other lipsticks. In addition to those qualities, the lipsticks are 100 percent vegan. “We always listen to our customers, and we know what our customers want,” said Deere. This brand also sells a wide variety of glitter, lip gloss, lip topper, eyeliner and foundation. Every base has been fully covered.


Another fine quality of Lime Crime is that the company is heavily involved in charitable work for animals. Animal cruelty-free is the route that Deere has decided to go into, and she has stuck with this plan to the highest degree. Lime Crimes’ all-new Venus 3 eyeshadow palette has just been released, and it has gotten a great response. The company’s Instagram account has been teasing its customers with glimpses of the new product, and it’s a great rendition to the previous Venus 2 and Venus XL eyeshadow palettes. For $38, consumers will receive an articulate box that’s full of unique hues. Doe Deere and Lime Crime is the perfect compliment to one another, and this duo will continue to push the boundaries in high-quality makeup products. Learn more: https://www.linkedin.com/in/doedeere

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