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Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi Details Bradesco’s Changing Power Structure

The incumbent president of Bradesco, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi will be stepping down after holding the position since 2003. Bradesco has named Octavio de Lazari Junior to be the 5th president to take office. Octavio de Lazari Junior is currently the Executive Officer Vice President and Chief Executive Officer of Bradesco Seguros Group. Luiz Carlos […]

End Citizens United Fights To Fix American Democracy

The influence of corporations has grown over our nation’s politicians ever since the Supreme Court issued their ruling on the court case Citizens United versus the Federal election commission in 2010. In the opinion of the Supreme Court corporations are entitled to the same rights as individuals in the United States of America. As a […]

Dick DeVos Is A Mover And A Changer

Dick Devos was afraid that the disaster that happened to Detroit may also happen to Grand Rapids if a multi-purpose sports and convention complex is built in the downtown area. When the Pistons and the Lions abandoned Detroit in the 1970s, the Auburn Hills Palace and the Pontiac Silverdome were left in ruins. He never […]

What’s Next for Mike Baur?

Mike Baur has one of the most impressive careers in the world. He started out as a simple banking apprentice and built the most powerful independent incubator firm in Switzerland. His life began like most inspirational leaders’ lives begin: in a small community. He later went on to earn two business degrees from two universities. […]

Calling in Jeremy Goldstein to Help with Compensation Matters

Jeremy Goldstein has worked tirelessly for years to try to come up with the best solutions for everyone in a compensation dispute. Recently, Goldstein, a well-known lawyer in New York and the founder of the boutique law firm Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates, has been posed the question of whether performance-based incentive plans are good […]

Will Betsy Devos Become More of a Fighter?

The first thing you notice about Besty Devos when talking to her is how reserved and polite she is. At least that’s how she has seemed so far during her tenure as the Secretary of the Department of Education. The secretary’s public position on most matters has fallen in line with President Trump, making her […]

Talk Fusion’s New Training Platform

The mid of the last year 2017, Talk Fusion, a marketing company unveiled a brand new training program that gets done online. The new program got dubbed ‘Talk Fusion University,’ and its launch got attended by a significant audience that comprised many international guests. In its bid to reach many people the launching was also […]

How Dr. David Samadi is Changing the Urology Department

Dr. David B. Samadi has come a very long way. Although he is currently one of the most influential doctors in the oncology department, the businessman has had to deal with massive challenges. The businessman was born and raised in the Middle-East. His parents wanted him to get education and become a great man in […]

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